July 16, 2017

Boxcar Social | Café Corner

Hello hello!~ A while ago I stopped by this cute café/bar called Boxcar Social whilst hanging out with some friends near downtown Toronto. Here are a few photos from that day (some which were also graciously taken by my friends as well, thank you if you're reading this haha).

Iced Tea & Iced Chai Latte
To start off, I would describe this spot as a perfect place to relax and unwind with your friends. The menu was so extensive I had to stare at it for a good 5-10 minutes before I could finally decide what I wanted. I chose an iced chai latte, while my friends opted for a matcha latte (not pictured) and an iced tea. Honestly, all our drinks were a bit meh, nothing too out of the ordinary. They weren't as strong in flavour as we hoped they would be, to say the least. Although with that being said, I would still definitely visit here again in the future. The atmosphere just felt so cosy and there's even an outdoor patio out back. I would rate this café a 4/5 (docking a point for our drinks in particular). It's overall a great place to hang out, hence the "social" in their name haha. I would recommend to opt for their hot coffees or alcoholic beverages, since that's what their menu focuses on. If any of you get the chance to visit this cute coffee shop please let me know what you think!~ 

Evelyn ♡

Boxcar Social:
1208 Yonge Street*
4 Boulton Avenue
235 Queens Quay West
70 Temperance Street
Website | boxcarsocial.ca
Instagram | @boxcar_social
Twitter | @boxcar_social

*I visited this location, they have 4 across Toronto!
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