April 4, 2016

Colourpop Ultra Satin/Matte Lippies Haul & Swatches

These past few months, Colourpop has been growing in popularity for their affordable yet great quality products. I've been dying to get my hands on some of their lip products since Christmas, and now finally was able to put in an order....Obviously I ended up going crazy and bought 8 shades in the end...whoops lol.

L - R: Echo Park, Bumble, Frick N' Frack, Tulle, Avenue, Prim

L - R: Grunge, Topanga, Bumble, Tulle, Avenue, Echo Park, Frick N' Frack, Prim

Lippie Stix $5: Topanga, Grunge
These are more glossy than the other finishes but are still very pigmented (you may need to reapply hours later though). Grunge is perfect for the Fall and I honestly just bought Topanga for the name lol.

Ultra Satin Lip $6: Echo Park, Frick N' Frack, Prim
These are not completely matte; they have a creamy finish to them as well. Echo Park was definitely my least favourite from the bunch, it's really light on my skin and would look best on lighter skin tones, unless you're into that washed out nude look. Frick N' Frack was my fave from the finishes as it's a slightly lighter version of Tulle. Prim is the perfect plum red that looks great for a vampy look.

Ultra Matte Lip $6: Bumble, Tulle, Avenue
 These are completely matte, and you need to apply this quickly before it sets on your lips. Bumble is a warm terracotta (that's what it says online) colour, and Avenue is a true bright red. I would highly recommend Tulle to everyone, it fits all skin tones and is definitely my favourite from my entire purchase. 

Canadian customers:
If you're buying from Canada like me, you'll want to keep your cart under $100 to avoid paying any extra fees in duties. I also kept my cart to 8 items so that the shipping would not double (but this might differ according to where you live)! The total came to about $65 (including tax and conversion rates), so I practically paid around $8 for each product. Compared to the quality, I think it's definitely worth the extra bucks, you should definitely give it a chance if you can!

I hope this post was helpful for you in knowing a bit more about Colourpop cosmetics and I've already bought some eye and cheek products as well, so keep a look out for my next post! ;) Let me know if you've tried any of these shades, or which ones from the site that you prefer! 

I've also just posted a swatches video in case you'd like to see the lip colours in action lol. Make sure to give it a like if you check it out, and subscribe for more to come! :)

I hope you have a wonderful day, wherever it may be!~

Till next time,
Evelyn ♡

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