March 14, 2016

Cravin' Crêpes: Maribyrnong, Australia

Last summer I went to Melbourne, Australia to visit my cousins for three weeks. This trip ultimately made my decision to want to move there permanently after I graduate. It seems like a big step, since I've lived in Toronto my entire life, but I just love the weather, culture and accents (lol), and realized that this could be the beginning to a new chapter in my life. While I was staying over at my cousins' house, my brother and I checked out this cute little café just a few minutes away. Cravin' Crêpes sold both savoury and sweet crêpes, and since I have an extreme sweet tooth, chose to try out their 'Sticky Tooth' dish. They also had a variety of beverages, so my brother ordered an iced chocolate. Thankfully we decided to share because the amount was definitely too big for a single person alone (unless you're really hungry, which we weren't). With the peaceful atmosphere, I think the café is perfect for those who want to grab a bite with friends or just study while enjoying a tasty snack.

Some of the décor - it gives a vintage vibe in the café 
You can see me taking the pic in the mirrored menu lol
Sticky Tooth Crêpe - Nutella, butter-snap cookie, twix, custard - $14.90 AUD
This literally sounded like diabetes to me (and looks debatable) -.- but still tasted devine! No regrets! lol
Iced Chocolate - $5.90 AUD
This tasted as good as it looked! The presentation was definitely on point with this drink! 
Their menu also has a breakfast page, but obviously we wanted to try what it was known for.
I felt like I was in Paris because of all the Eiffel Tower art but it still looked pretty nonetheless. 

Although we do have crêpe shops here in Toronto, it was fun trying out a local one in Australia as well. I don't know if I would recommend this place to people visiting Melbourne for the first time, but would definitely see it more suitable for residents nearby who want to fill their cravings for crêpes (see what I did there? Haha sorry I just had to include that little pun).

Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading my post!Let me know if you've ever tried specialty crêpes before! Which side are you on? Savoury or sweet? :)

Until next time,
Evelyn ♡

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