February 29, 2016

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Turning 22!~

Hey guys,

Last Friday started with a lovely psychology exam...on my birthday. -.-" Although I was supposed to go to Troye Sivan's concert afterwards, it unfortunately got postponed (I'm such a lucky girl lol). However instead I travelled downtown Toronto with my friend and got to visit the Allan Gardens Conservatory. If you ever visit Toronto or want to explore the downtown area I would highly recommend you check out the conservatory. It's open year-round and is completely free and open to the public for admittance. Here are a few photos from the trip, let me know in the comments if you've ever been there or know any similar places that you've been to!~



My favourite picture from the bunch! 
Peace out!~ lol 
 P.S. Also some photo creds go out to my lovely friend Sasha! Thanks for bringing me here on my birthday! <3 nbsp="" p="">

Thanks for reading, until next time!~ 


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