February 22, 2016

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara: First Impressions & Review

Hey guys, 

I haven't been able to post very frequently lately due to university papers being due and midterms closely approaching, but I've decided that I'll try to post every Monday from now on! :)

So lately I've been trying out different Maybelline mascaras (for a future blog post) and decided to give the 'Mega Plush' formula a first impressions review. I've heard so much great things about it so I wanted to put it to the test and share my results with you guys!~

About the product:
Who: Maybelline New York
What: The Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara in #270 Blackest Black
When: Was released in 2012 (which proves that it's definitely a fan favourite since)!
Where: Walmart (but is also available at practically any drugstore) for $6.96 CAD
Why: On the packaging it states that it gives great volume and also prevents lashes to be stiff or brittle from the gel-mousse formula.
How: Apply just how you would apply any regular mascara

First Impressions:

Before application (my extremely tired and bare face lol):

After application (2 coats, under sunlight):

After 10+ hours (under artificial lighting):

1. It doesn't require you to curl your lashes beforehand 
2. It pretty much lasts the entire day
3. Gives a great amount of volume to your lashes

1. Might smudge a bit underneath your eyes (if you have oily skin or rub your eyes)
2. Looks best with 2 coats as opposed to one 

The Verdict:
After trying out this mascara it is safe to say that I would definitely recommend and repurchase this product. The cons to my review are pretty generic because I found it difficult to complain about this product. If you're someone who either has sparse/short lashes I would highly suggest this mascara to try out!

I hope you found this review and first impressions post helpful! Feel free to leave your thoughts on this mascara if you've tried it out as well, or have any other products that you would like me to try out.
Thanks for reading, until next time~


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