January 18, 2016

My Current Top 5 Korean Actors (of all time)

So if you didn't know already, I love watching korean dramas and have been into it since high school (for more than almost 7 years now).  So of course I would have a list of some of my favourite all time actors, and thought that I could share it with you...even though it is kinda a bit of a random post. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading about my top 5 and feel free to comment your top 5 (Korean or not) as well!~

5. Park Seo-Joon | 박서준

Park Seo-Joon first caught my attention in Dream High 2 and A Witch's Romance, but definitely bought his spot at #5 thanks to She Was Pretty. Can't wait to see him in future dramas because he is so much more popular now!

4. Park Bo-Gum | 박보검

Many people may now know him from the drama Reply 1988 as the innocent character Taek (#TeamTeak all the way), but personally, he gained my attention in the sci-fi/mystery drama I Remember You. In this drama, he portrays a mysterious and dark character (I don't want to spoil too much lol) and really played his part well to the point that I found him slightly creepy. His awesome acting earns the spot at #4 on my list! Plus he's just so adorable haha!

3. Seo In Guk | 서인국

Loved him in the original Reply series, in Reply 1997, and is one of my all-time favourite dramas by far! He earns the #3 spot on this list because I've watched over 80% of the dramas he has acted in so far and have loved them all! (Love Rain, Master's Sun, King of High School, etc.)

2. Gong Yoo | 공유

He's technically tied to #1 but for the sake of this list was bumped down to #2 considering that the last time he appeared on TV was in 2013. He'll forever stay in my top 5 list because his acting never fails to impress me. Hopefully he'll come back to drama-land soon to reclaim his #1 spot in my list. Fave drama by him was definitely Coffee Prince, which was the first drama I watched with him in it.

1. So Ji Sub | 소지섭

Literally the toughest decision because Gong Yoo is also kinda my #1 but considering he's a bit MIA I thought I would put So Ji Sub as my favourite korean actor. He deserves this spot because just his acting in Master's Sun alone was so good that I could watch the drama countless times (which I definitely have). The only other drama I watched was Oh My Venus, which honestly wasn't as interesting with regard to the storyline.

So what are your thoughts on this list? Lol I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to let me know your top 5 actors of all time!~




  1. Haha it's been so long since I've watched a Korean drama, but I used to be obsessed with them (I actually study Korean at uni now). My favourite actor is TOP, if that even counts but completely agree with your choices! x


    1. Even though I don't really have as much time, I've always loved watching dramas haha. I studied Korean at uni as well, but even though I studied it 3 years in a row I butcher the language like no tomorrow aha. TOP is definitely my fave in Big Bang...I still need to watch him act! xD

      Evelyn ♡

  2. I know all of these and definitely agree! I have a super soft spot for Park Bo Gum and, oh boy, I'm enjoying Sung Joon in Madame Antoine so much right now! Definitely those two – they're my faves of all time.

    Hannie Arden from missingwanderer.org.

    1. Omg yeah I'm watching Madame Antoine too! Not a huge fan of the storyline but I'm mainly watching it just because of Sung Joon lol! I definitely need to catch up on that drama!

      Evelyn ♡


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