November 12, 2014

Liebster Award || Tag

Thank you to Laila || universeonmyskin for tagging me in this fun post, even though I'm still quite new to the blogging community. I hope you enjoy this reading this tag!~

November 2, 2014

Christmas Cards & Candles

Hello ~
Is it weird that I am already excited for Christmas to come, when it's more than a month away? I went to buy some birthday cards at Urban Outfitters, and ended up purchasing a few things along with them. The santa's cookies candle smells like childhood memories and christmas so much that I would highly suggest you to go and buy one! It cost $16, but for up to 30 hours of burning time I think it's a great investment, considering the scent is strong enough even without burning it. If you're not for sickly sweet scents then I would not recommend this particular candle, but Urban Outfitters had a few other Christmas candle scents available (which I personally didn't like). If you ever stop by Urban Outfitters, give this candle a whiff and see how great it really is! :)

'Till next time,
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