October 23, 2014

Fave Fall Nail Polish

Hello again! :)
So since it is currently the fall season I thought I would share my favourite nail polish with you guys. This polish is by Orly and is in the shade Rococo A Go-Go. It's a really pretty deep plum purple shade with flecks of reddish-orange shimmer in it. The only bad thing about this polish is that it chips a looot, so a top coat would be a must when using it. 


October 13, 2014

OOTN: Wedding Reception Party

Here's a quick outfit of the night post, where I got to attend a reception party. I took these photos during the day to see the outfit better. The dress and necklace are from Forever 21, and the heels are from dailylook. Clearly I'm a noob at blogging, not capturing a better angle of my heels, so click here for a better view of it. :) 

This dress even came with pockets, which I thought were a great place to store my phone and keys in.

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