September 26, 2014

Fresh Start & New Beginnings.

Where to begin.....

       Hello! I'm Evelyn and this could be the millionth time I have started a blog. Countless times I have attempted to keep a blog running, but could never find the drive to keep it going. With the pressure of university (I'm a third year btw) I felt like I just couldn't keep up with blogging and decided that I should part from it. But here I am again, writing to an empty audience with hopes to allow this blog to grow into something more. I can't promise myself that I can commit to this blog regularly, but I can promise that I won't delete it, as this blog not only will be about fashion and beauty, but will also act as a personal diary, which I can look back to in years to come. If you are reading this post I sincerely salute you, for reading the babbling of a random 20 year old Canadian girl. As this is just the beginning, I hope you enjoy the future (and less random) posts that are to come.

'till next time,

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